16-oz. MyPlate Silicone Band Water Bottle

Fresh Baby

Case Pack: 60
Item #: 55000
Available October 2017 / Accepting Pre-Orders

$ 8.95 
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Stay motivated, hydrated and track daily water intake with our unique MyPlate 16-Oz. Silicone Band Water Bottle.

  • 4 colorful silicone bands with Healthy Habit MyPlate messages
  • Drink one 16 Oz. water bottle of H20 and move a silicone band to the top of the water bottle
  • Goal: Move all 4 bands to the top = 64 Oz.
  • Encourages the shift to healthier drink choices
  • Ages 6 years and older


Item: 55000
Case Pack: 60
Age: 6 years and older
Languages Available:  Bilingual
Size: 16 ounces
Material: Polypropylene (#5 PP)

Dishwasher: Top Rack

Hand wash

Safety: FDA food-safe material, BP-A, Phthalate and Lead-Free
Country of Origin: China
Custom Design (minimum units): 15,000


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Recommended cleaning method: Fill with warm water and dish detergent. Shake 10 times. Empty. Fill with clean water, shake and empty. Repeat until all soap is rinsed out.

Caution: Do not fill with water more than 120°F in order to avoid hurting hands.